Thursday, October 1, 2009

When You're Feeling Low...

I must apologize for a very overdue blog post.

I enjoy learning about Law of Attraction, I really do. The thing is, there are so many people teaching it, I think the hidden beauty of its' simplicity gets lost sometimes. I know when I first started studying it, I thought that every word out of my mouth, every word typed, had to be something positive. The problem came when I was trying to keep that positivity going while not feeling too great underneath. Though my words might have been positive, the feeling or vibration underneath it was otherwise. They call that "putting a happy sticker over the empty gas gauge" indicator. It might look better on the surface, but you're still running out of gas.

Nowadays if I am down in the dumps, I just have to go ahead and own the grouchies, or the sads, or whatever emotion I am feeling, and love myself anyway. It really takes patience for me sometimes to go ahead with it. Like alot of you, I was told when I was little that it was wrong to cry. We all learned to stifle it and sometimes all those stifled emotions can turn into illness later on.

Is there really anything better than a good vent to someone who loves you, who knows you'll bounce back soon? Sometimes I just need a good whine, or a good cry, and then I can gather myself back up and figure out what's next. And I happen to know that a good cry does release small amounts of toxins from our eyes - that's why we usually feel better afterwards. 

I thought about my last post alot, about the Thrivers (vs. Surviving). I wasn't trying to say it was like some kind of contest who could be the most positive. I don't even know how I would be in their shoes, it was me with a cancer or an MS diagnosis. I probably wouldn't completely flail myself on the floor, but I wonder if I would have the courage and determination of a Lance Armstrong. (I don't really want to find out.)

One of the blogs I follow, GoodVibeCoach, wrote about this recently. She has such a fresh way of explaining it, I hope you will go read her writing. That just being okay with where you are, emotionally, and *gradually* feeling better.. is the true meaning of finding relief.

My fail-safe feel-better remedies (in no particular order) after the crying or whining are usually...

* visiting the beach, the wind, the salty air and the sound of the waves are sometimes the best medicine - I am *SO* grateful to live in Florida!
* or going outside anywhere around big trees, or around moving water - even a fountain -- the negative ions produced by moving water are proven to help lift a down mood
* I talk to my angels and I write them letters. Whatever you call a higher power - God, Universe, Angels, doesn't matter to me - but sometimes it's nice to just unload... and for some odd reason, things seem to improve.
* I list what I am grateful for, on paper, or in a journal, where I take time to reflect on it, on how good my life is, how great I have it ..
* naps work, too. The Law of Attraction people say that when we sleep, we reset out frequency to being completely aligned with our Inner Well Being, so .. a little power nap can go a long way physically and mentally.
* Music, all kinds. Sometimes I want Bocelli to chill me out, or inspire me; Dancey music to get my hiney moving; and traditional reggae is pretty much uplifting for me all the time. I know why there is such a thing as Music Therapy - because it works!

Lastly, the stuff I avoid if possible. I know alot of health care workers and a lot of intuitive people are the same as me - relatively speaking, we're Empathic. We're like sponges and if we're not careful to avoid harsh situations and harsh relationships - gah! We can feel completely drained.

* Long hours indoors without fresh air - yuck.
* Being around huge crowds - *shudder* I don't feel comfortable (like the Fort Lauderdale Air & Sea Show? Over 250,000 people all in a couple of miles of beach> .. hmmm, I'll pass)
* I rarely watch the news, and if it's important, like a hurricane coming - I'll find out about it one way or another. :)
* Avoiding harsh relationships -- We all know what that's like. That one acquaintance, that even when you go out in a group, they tell the same story over and over - about their miserable divorce, which was five years ago? Oh, help. Get me out of here, Mr. Wizard! I do my best NOT to spend the precious minutes of my life with victimologists like that.

Don't you notice how time seems to be going faster these days? I mean, are days actually still 24 hours? Feels more like 18 hours or something! There are some scientists who claim the timepiece of earth is speeding up. When I think about that, then even wasting a little bit of it feeling sorry for myself is really distasteful.

So here's to life - and to good sleep! It's a little after 1:30am .. I plan to go lie in my Well Being Realignment Chamber and power up for another rockalicious day tomorrow.



  1. Sandy - I love this. It's actually something we're touching on in the book. Keeping it simple, being honest with yourself and just dealing with it.


  2. SN I can really relate to having to pick and choose activities carefully! I too avoid the news and the large crowds. I have become very aware that I must keep things simple and I do read, blog and nap more than watch TV etc.

    It is important to realize that we all have bad days! That is the time I do find some relaxing music and just write. Yep I also talk to my Spirit Guides even when I am not doing readings for people and amazingly enough they do sometimes come though to teach me something though my writing. Hence why I have several blogs.

    Anyway, great post!


  3. Very cool post. I agree with the empty gas gauge syndrome. That's what I am seeing alot of lately. I can think positively, pull what I need, but if I am not doing something to help myself, my gas won't fill up miraculously. And if I have no money for gas at that moment does not make me a failure at attraction!

  4. Lovely post, enjoyed reading it.

    I have also often felt like I was just writing words.....and not really feeling it on the inside. I have to say that doing the "I am worthies" or the "I am looking forward to..." exercises get me feeling a bit better, inside out. Those feel much more sincere. Or even the "I appreciate x..." thing. Sometimes just saying affirmations about how abundant you are is like "HUH?" when you've got $5 to your name!! LOL!!

  5. I like this post because it gives permission to whatever you're feeling, wherever you are.

    I was once in a metaphysical chatroom & the spirital banter was brimming. Suddenly, in walks a guy who was the extreme contrast! He wanted to be there but was so down in the dumps, so devasted by something that *just* happened to him.

    Most notable, some people left, some got quiet & one lady said.. "If you believe in the Law of Attraction then you'll just get happy!"

    Geez, I was shocked. Did these folks misunderstand what LOA is? It's not about happy happy joy joy alllll the time! It's about loving the contrast, allowing the sweet & the sour & using that to direct you.

    And from personal experience, I can honestly say that I have to sit in the contrast for some time (in some cases) before I really know which way I'm ready to leap for. Sometimes I just meander in the general direction I wanna go too. =D


  6. I really enjoyed your post. I would definately agree with you that my top feel better remedy is ALWAYS a trip to the beach, but unfortunately, since I am in Michigan that is seasonal. I don't live far from the Lake Michigan shoreline, which if you have never seen it is much like an ocean in looks. People from the east and west coast are often surprised by the size.

    I also avoid the news and I do not watch television, but sometimes I try and catch at least the bigger news on the internet, like you, I hope that someone tells me if there is a tornado or a flood warning (we don't get hurricane's).

    Thanks for the insights.
    AI al