Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So.. You're "Spiritual"?

I read a recent newsletter by Denise Linn called "Spit on the Buddha" which I highly agree with.  The whole crux of the writing is that for years, Denise tried to "fit the norm" of what a spiritual person was supposed to look like, dress like, behave like, eat like.  After many years of trying Birkenstocks, natural fabrics, vegan food, long arduous meditation sessions, and only having sex for procreative purposes, and wondering why she felt depleted, she realized that the only true guidance was within. That in order to celebrate that connection with the Divine, all she needed to do was consult her inner guide, not a guru or behave in a way that satisfied  someone else's dogma.  As it is with all of us.

If eating a nice grilled steak makes you sparkle and give you blissful sighs, why should you not give yourself that joy?  Perhaps you like a good bit of Ozzy Osbourne to start your day rather than gregorian chants.  Go for it, I say!  If it gets your motor humming and helps you dance around the room, that's raising your vibration every bit as much as Mozart (IMHO).  When did restriction and buckling down and following stringent rules ever really apply to we 'new agers' and spiritual types?

My idea of spiritual... we try to listen to the Higher Self,  our guidance within.  We hopefully treat others as we'd like to be treated.  Acting with integrity and not judging others. We celebrate our connection with the earth, with one another, and with the invisible consciousness that runs through all of us - our divine spark.  These ideals are fairly common.

If someone tells me I have to drink a kale shake every morning because it will elevate my vibration, and I do it and I enjoy it... that's great! Green drinks can make a person tingle with aliveness!  (I just had an amazing carrot-beet-spinach juice tonight.  Yum.) But if I try it, can't hack it, begin to loathe that morning meal, I'm not sure the original intention is valid anymore.

I like the idea of finding what gives your soul natural joy and giggles and doing that.  We're here to live life, to BE ALIVE!  Some people will feel super connected and blissed out after getting up at 5am for meditation, others enjoy lolling in bed, and maybe scheduling that meditation time later in the day.  It's all very fluid, very individual. 

As for me, I'm down with the Bocelli, the Ottmar Liebert, the Gregorian chanting... but also reggae, gospel, R&B, even some rap, hip hop and driving house music.   Been known to eat a roast beef sub and cackle loudly at the Comedy Network.  Heck sometimes I even accidentally snort when I laugh.  *blushes*  Praise Jesus and Pass the Peas that I have a Joy-Connection with the Divine that allows me to know I am loved for being Sandy... because I sure can't be anyone else.

You're spiritual too.. what is it that brings you joy, makes you uniquely you?  Even if others wouldn't "approve"?  (Shh I won't tell.)


  1. Woohoo...praise Jesus & pass the peas! LOL Love it :)

    That newsletter was quite revealing I think, about Denise.
    Makes ya think!

  2. I enjoyed this...thanks for gifting. I totally agree... Spirituality has to be unique to each of us...I could never fit into anyone's mode of what they thought i should be in life or spirit. I truly trust the source within each of us to guide us properly ... Spirit is a high vibration or energy and doesn't promote discomfort...it's fluidly and fits everywhere.
    Thanks for this because the human side of us sometimes needs confirmation.