Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Empathy, Energetic Fields & "Protection"

Hang around energetically sensitive people very long and you'll hear the topic brought up.  How do you protect yourself?  What about those times you are around negative people or negative situations and you end up feeling - vulnerable, or worse, ill?

I've learned what we all learn - prayer, or different decrees, the violet flame meditation, calling on angels, stepping into a field of white pure light, or pulling a cloak of light around you, ... these are all good.  However I think as time has gone on, I've learned there's much more value in strengthening my own energy, than worrying about "protecting" myself.

For instance, alot of people really respond well (energetically) to water.  I'm a water sign astrologically, and I just HUM when I am near water, but especially moving water. It can be a river,  a large fountain, and of course in Florida, I'm blessed to be near the beach.  The sensory input of all that gorgeousness, the salt water smell, fresh wind, watching the waves or the birds, the other beach goers, the giggling children, the sound of waves .. it's a sensory feast that chills me right out. I actually feel cleansed when that hearty ocean breeze blows through me.   And swimming in salt water, especially, somehow neutralizes everything.  After all, we have salty water running through  our miles of blood vessels.

One day after a long workshop in reading the akashic records,  where we'd been in and out of each other's energy for 8 hours, I had such a strong urge to go get in the ocean.   Some people were going out to eat after the workshop, but I was energetically *done*. I actually felt greasy, somehow, even though this was a physically sedentary day.  Went straight home, put my suit on, went to the beach, did a Nestea plunge in that ocean and Aaahhhh..... that put me right again.

Anyway, water is my thing.  But it works that way for alot of people. You realize that you can come home from a hectic day, take a shower, and be a totally new person.  You don't have to have an ocean.  Some people's thing is big trees.  Go hang out in a park and sit with some large tree roots and just ground out and mellow.  Large expanses of grass.. lay down and connect to Earth. It's all there for us. Earth energy is very calming and healing.

So we all become more familiar with what drives us and what energy states we like to avoid.  For instance, my best example of an energy I would not enjoy  is.. the Air & Sea Show in Ft Lauderdale. My  feeling of being on the beach with up to 500,000 people - many who are overindulging in alcohol - many traffic barriers - that just makes me feel anxious to even consider something like that.  Large crowds can be overwhelming for empathic and sensitive people.  However, other calm events that you enjoy solo, like meditation or qi gong, ,.. add 10, 20, 100 other people and it can be really blissy.  It's like riding an energy wave.  Certain concerts and sporting events also, ..  totally fun and buzzy.  It depends.  And you learn what you can handle.

Also, I think the emphasis the last few years has been about making our own energy fields as strong as we can.  That means you're more .. at cause, than at effect of others.  For instance, I work freelance because I like controlling my schedule and not being obligated for committees, holidays, working during a hurricane,  being on call , etc.  These are healthy boundaries for me.

I know that if I do my meditation and qi gong regularly, I will be better prepared to deal with the kind of things that happen professionally and personally.  It's been a natural process that over the years I'm hanging out with other sensitive, and relatively calm people.  I'm not likely or go to bars or hang out with loud,  negative, dramatic folks.  Professionally, I can't control what other people do, but anxiety is contagious.  If my patient or a coworkers loses their temper, and then I do the same, then it's a much bigger challenge to overcome.

So back to "protection".  One of my favorite meditations for increasing my own personal energy strength is just to begin breathing into the heart.  Picture a seed of light in your chest, in whatever color feels good to you,  and with each breath, let the seed expand, larger, brighter.  It becomes a sphere, filling the whole chest, and then soon, the whole body.  Pretty soon the energy is large enough to encompass the outside of your whole body, like your aura does.  The seed of your energy is now larger than you are,.. keep going.  Breathe deeply, mentally expand it until it fills the entire room you're in.   (By the way this is great to do if you feel like there's -- nonphysical energy lurking in your 'space' - this helps you "own" your space - you're not a victim!)  Breathe deeply and expand your energy to your entire apartment or house.   Breathe again and expand your energy to the entire lot that your home sits on.  Now just be with that for a little bit, knowing that this peaceful, good, balanced space is all yours.   Nothing can harm you in your space.  This is your area.  Only your strong, serene, beautiful balanced energy.

And then relax, breathe deeply, let the energy field contract again, slowly, coming back to your original aura size of an egg shape around you.  Still radiant, strong, calm energy, but appropriately sized.  You can even picture a hard candy shell on it, before you leave the house, if that makes you feel better.  When you are "soverign" in our own energy, then it's less likely that you're going to feel "at effect" of others, even if they're having a bad day.


  1. Hello Dear Sister,

    Retaining transparency to negative energies can be especially difficult living in Chicago. Daily meditation is key for me, and running the lightbody energies whenever I can.

    The Institute for Heartmath has some simple tools for heart focus, which are truly calming for me and can be done anywhere, even on the bus!

    I've found vibrationally energetic food to be really helpful as well. I can feel it when my food and water are too low-frequency; the energies become difficult to moderate.

    In love & light,

  2. Thank you Sandra for pointing that out. When I'm feeling all out of kilter it usually comes down to fundamentals for me, also. Looking at my eating and sleep patterns... making sure I've spent some time outdoors, and had my meditation time.

    I know of the Heart Math Institute, thanks for mentioning them! Blessings =)

  3. Sandy, thanks for your terrific reflection here on our empathic natures. I can relate so dearly to what you say about water. (I'm currently longing for a house by the water. We'll see what comes of that.) I completely concur that each person strengthening her/his own sense of self or me empowering my own being is at the core of our human journey.
    Thanks for putting it all so succinctly and eloquently!