Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beach Healing

One of my most favorite healers is mother nature.  I have shared with you before how amazing I find water energy to be. I am so blessed that I can go comfortably meditate at a Florida beach in every season.  I often like to sit on the beach at night for meditation and healing.  One night, I called on the spirit of Bob Marley and that was a fabulous experience!  (yes I was stone sober, although, pretty blissed out)

Over the weekend, I had the most amazing night-time beach visit. There was this layer of clouds obscuring much of the horizon and the moon had just arisen. The moon wasn't full, but the bottom half of the moon coming up from the horizon was a big yellow dollop, the top portion obscured by a cloud layer. Just gorgeous. Of course, because I didn't have my camera with me, it was meant for live viewing only.  :o) 

I have had alot of tension in my upper back and did a laying on the sand and imagining all the tension being pulled out of me and into the ground. I pictured water raining down on me like I was a big filter or garden bed and the water washing the stress away. The last time I did this meditation, I wandered away with a tenacious clump of dried seaweed in my hair, can you imagine?? :-) I resembled more sea witch than sea goddess. I stayed away from the seaweed this time, and talked to my invisible healing crew as usual. Back tension was easily cut in half.

I also observed for a long time a sandpiper, scurrying back and forth in the surf, feeding, and I thought "Where the heck do sandpipers go at night? Don't they nest or something? Is this one lost, or hurt?" And he or she seemed to just kind of stand still for awhile like it was sleeping. I never really noticed sandpipers at the beach at night before. A couple walking the beach came within a few feet of it and it didn't budge. Then later another sandpiper came along, they both stood stock still in the wet sand. I was glad one of his tribe was hanging out with him. I kept waiting for a wave to hit their little legs and wake them up. A third sandpiper appeared and then all three of them started scurrying around. Maybe it was the bright moon energy.

SANDPIPER as animal totem - Quickness, Foraging, Scavenging -   Hmm, doesn't really ring any bells for me ..

Where do you go when you need to self heal? 

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