Sunday, February 13, 2011

I've Moved Cross Country

It's a long story, but now I live in Los Angeles.  

I loved Florida, loved my friends, loved the beaches; however, it was time for a change.  A shake-up.  I had upside-down real estate, a leaking roof, had ended relationships I was moving on from, .. it was time for a change.  A new chapter.  

At the new year's meditation retreat in the desert at Joshua Tree, we contemplated what situations/issues from 2010 we did not wish to bring into 2011.  We made medicine bags with the shaman and symbolically  threw the issues we wished to release into the bonfire just before midnight.  Then we danced and celebrated, and had black eyed peas.  

My house was one of the things I released.  I returned to Florida after the New Year's retreat, signed papers to release it back to the bank holding the note, had a huge yard sale, and sold/donated perhaps 80% of my belongings.  That created a huge space for what I am consciously creating in my life now.  I don't even know what all of that is yet, but it is  unfolding with divine timing and grace. 

A giant piece of this puzzle is through the Agape community in Los Angeles.  Spiritual seekers and fans of the movie The Secret will recognize the name of Agape's founder and leader, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith.  It's so refreshing to listen to a fellow seeker, spiritual person, who is having mystical experiences, prophetic dreams, expanding in his love of all mankind, not just for members of his group.  People of all faiths come to Agape services.  To hear Beckwith teach is one thing, to be welcomed with love and true community by the Agape members is another.  I never felt this welcome or at home in Los Angeles when I lived here in the late 80's, and I was very outgoing and talkative back then.  I find myself wanting to attend every class and healing group meeting I can.. and I will as my work schedule permits.  I do feel very much like I am in the right place/right time for me.  

So .. that's where I have been the last month, uprooting and moving to the next chapter.  And so it is. 


  1. That is so awesome! Congratulations!

  2. Sandy girl! Yay for you! Just wanting to hold the highest good and positive energy for you! Don't forget your buds here in old fla! I am very happy to hear that you are feeling happy and welcomed in your new home and so much potential to come from all of this! Yay! Mucho love and light!

  3. I'm happy for you. Congrats on your move and new start. May you find the happiness and peace you deserve.

  4. I'm so proud of you! Wherever you go.. I'm with you. *squeezes*

  5. This explains your shift on Twitter, I'll bet. Your blog even sounds more laid-back.

    May Cali be the gift to yourself that you needed right now.

    Bless you,
    stan (aka @muz4now)

  6. Just discovered you through carryitforward on twitter. I'm in the south bay, so...glad to meet you, neighbor!

    And so strange: another woman just talked about Agape to me out of the blue this morning. Making me think I need to check it out...

  7. Oh the brave heart when one is willing to move on to change, bless you, you ae among friend here in Calif.

  8. This post is so inspiring. I am from Maryland and I have wanted to make that move for a while now. I feel spiritually driven to live and practice nursing on the west coast. Travel agencies have been calling me recently with assignments opening. God bless you as you write this new chapter in your life!