Monday, July 18, 2011

Ines: "Healing Cancer: No Surgery, No Chemo"

I firmly believe that our human body is magical, that we have our own incredible pharmacy within our bodies.  Sometimes we just have to find the right combination of "medicines".  Without fully discounting the current medical system, for which I am a part of as a nurse, I will strive to bring you inspiring and informative stories about people who heal themselves, emotionally and physically.  

I am a big fan of youtube, spending many hours learning from videos.  While I have not made any videos of my own, I will bring to you videos about topics I find inspiring and informative.  Feel free to send me relevant ideas and subscribe to my account at  Check out my playlists while you are there, and let me know of any relevant videos you'd like for me to see.

Today, I give you the incredibly articulate and beautiful, Ines.  The methods she is referring to are The Gerson Institute and The Work by Byron Katie.



  1. Amazing! I've heard of the Gerson Institute method before & can absolutely see how beneficial it can be.

  2. Great post. I loved this interview. Hope more people grow their consciousness in the area of healing.

    Peace and be well. J.

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  4. All things used in unison with the hope of a new day ahead brings us closer to healing our will desires.