Monday, August 24, 2009

Go For Holistic First, When Possible

We interrupt this life story for a brief announcement...

From time to time I like to share resources from people I truly respect. As far as health role models who are physicians, I do like Dr. Oz because he recommends things like yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation as a part of a healthy life. We should all have such well-rounded cardiologists, right?

This gentleman, also, Dr. Daniel Amen (love that name..) impressed me when he did a PBS special called "Magnificent Mind at Any Age". If you have a chance to look at his PBS program, do so. One of the things I loved about his presentation the most, is he admits to having been a "write a prescription" psychiatrist, in the past. Nowadays, he is all about holistic treatments first, and if those don't work, then perhaps consider a pharmaceutical.

I don't have anything against pharmaceuticals personally, but they all have side effects of one sort or another. More prescriptions for anti-depressants are written in the USA than any other kind of medication. However, if you can empower your physical and mental health with things like antioxidants, sunshine, nutrition, meditation, avoiding toxins, .. why wouldn't you?

Here's a short snippet of his presentation style:

I believe the entire PBS lecture is available on YouTube .. Looks like it was uploaded by a YouTube account named "Success1Series". Part 1 of 7 is found here.


  1. Interesting post! The only thing about holistic is sometimes those have side effects too - sometimes I think people assume that just because it's holistic, it can't hurt you or that it won't interact with something else you're already taking. But re: antioxidants, sunshine, nutrition, meditation etc "why wouldn't you?" - I agree!

  2. That is a very good point and I am glad you made it! "All things in moderation". And many natural treatments, like garlic, can interact with prescription medications. Often patients are told to stop all garlic, Vitamin E and essential fatty acid supplements for a period of time prior to medical procedures. The thinking is, that these supplements make the blood 'more slippery' and perhaps can contribute to bleeding.

    Perhaps I should have been more specific. I'm all for people trying holistic treatments like being outdoors more, meditation, or yoga... before trying an antidepressant. There's so many things that can help in that way.

  3. *Psst* I like the green! *thumbs up* :)

  4. I found you on Twitter and checked out your site. I truly agree with your awareness. I am glad MD's are taking on a more wholistic approach, just wish they'd refer people first...

    I look forward to sharing more posts and comments.
    Irene OConnor - Medical Intuitive