Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to the Beginning of a Spiritual Awakening

I guess I should start with explaining when I started to become aware of energy and what-not. It mainly began in the late 90's when a nurse friend of mine invited me to a reiki gathering. At the time I was having some marital problems and he thought the reiki circle might help me feel better. He was already a Reiki Master through this local school.

We all sat in circle of chairs and the Reiki Master Teacher gave a little talk and then played a meditation CD as we received reiki from the school practitioners. It was very soothing.

Reiki is "Universal Life Force Energy" or "chi". A reiki practitioner places their hands on the receiving person and channels life force through their body to the receiver. It's kind of difficult to explain. All I can tell you is to experience it once in order to better understand.

I also enjoyed the group because they all seemed full of love and to be very accepting, and there wasn't any "bible thumping" and God-talk that turned me off at the time. I wasn't raised to be particularly religious. I believe in God, but as far as the fire-and-brimstone, you're going to hell if you don't read this/do this, I wasn't a fan of that.

What they did say at every reiki gathering was: Namaste. They explained that Namaste was a Sanskrit word that means, The divine in me honors the divine in you. We are all one. It said to me, I respect your choices and you respect mine. We're all children of the Universe.

Anyway, over the next few years, I began taking reiki classes and meditating more regularly. When a person works with these practices, I believe we become more inwardly quiet - and more aware of our inner guidance. Sometimes we'd joke about "hearing the voices inside". But if a person doesn't ever "get quiet", and "go within", then I suppose it does sound a little bit crazy.

I also wrote in a journal frequently. Back then, I was doing some forgiveness work journaling regarding my deceased father. I couldn't rage and yell at him in his current state, but I did purge alot of stuff in journaling, and through some meditative exercises we learned.

One day, just after waking up and halfway to the kitchen, I heard my father's voice behind me. As clear as day, I heard him say my name, with the same stern inflection he had when he was alive. Oh man, did that freak me out. I whirled around, but of course he was not there. But many other experiences started happening. Feeling like an urge to sit down and journal on my computer in the evening, when my then-husband was already in bed. I would notice the fax phone next to me would ring all the time when I was there alone, and no fax would come through. It happened so frequently. I didn't ring when my husband was in the room. Sometimes lights did funny things, flickering, or they popped and burned out when I entered the room. This is actually kind of common when you first start learning about - and moving/expanding your energy.

And like alot of you, I was reading every psychic development and metaphysical title I could get my hands on. I've always been a self-help book reader, starting with Maxwell Maltz in college "Psychocybernetics". I had cassettes by Denis Waitley and Anthony Robbins, when cassettes were still the norm. But now, the reading and listening had more of a metaphysical flavor to it.

I read alot of Doreen Virtue books. I remember also, I had borrowed John Edward "Unleashing Your Psychic Potential" CD's from the library and they were very helpful. Also, some Sylvia Browne audio, which I forget right now, helped me to at least consider, that some of these weird things night be occurring because of spiritual energy.

Sometimes I'd read something that would click with me - "Wow, I get more insight and feel more centered when I'm in the tub, too." (Spiritual energy travels very easily via water)

"Yes, sometimes I do seem to know what's going to happen with a patient before it happens." (I think alot of health care workers have that intuition)

"Yes, I do feel so amazing when I am at the reiki school, much better than when I am at home." (How come it feels so different here?)

Two other co-authors who have been really influential to me are Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I still think their book "Creating Money" draws more people to read this metaphysical and manifesting book than most. Here I was reading a channeled book before I even understood was channeling was.

And that darn goofy fax machine would keep ringing when I was at my desk alone, and no fax would come through.

More to come....

What weird energy things have happened to you? What authors, speakers or mentors have been the most influential in your life? You can comment anonymously, if you wish.

Namaste ~


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