Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello ...

I guess I better introduce myself! And what this blog is about.

I'm an RN, have been a licensed RN for 25 years this summer. Twenty five years sounds like such a long time, but I remember dancing to Thriller (when it was brand new) when I was senior in nursing school... wasn't that just a little while ago? My goodness, time flies!

But onto the present day. Working for as long as I have with people on sometimes the scariest days, or sometimes most joy-full days of their lives, I love the caring and talking part of being a nurse. I'm one of those people who is often approached by strangers in public and they either think I can help them find the canned peas in the store, or they (seem to) want to tell me their life story. I appreciate and value being a person that people feel comfortable talking with.

I've also had some very defining experiences with patients, with western medicine, that have lead me to be the present person I am. In my own health, I will always try natural healing methods first, because I believe that Mother Earth often has everything we need. I also believe in and practice methodologies which do impact everyone's health : Meditation, Forgiveness, Love, Energy Work. Very often our own bodies contain the best pharmacy we can utilize. I'm a big fan of meditating, massage, acupuncture, reiki, and other therapies that some people refer to as "complementary" or "alternative".

And thirdly, I've become more spiritual, as I've gone on. Many times when we practice activities such as reiki and meditation, we become more intuitive, more insightful, and more empathic. I've also become more knowlegable of many other aspects of life like the transition into death. When I worked in ICU, I assisted many families to prepare themselves for their loved one's transition. That it need not be a scary process but it can be a natural and loving time to say what was needed to be said. My patient's families always appreciated having a nurse that could be grounded and brave about the topic of death, instead of being afraid to discuss it.

I've even come to realize that often I am seeing spiritual energy in hospitals, or feeling the energy in people's homes or businesses, and I find alot of paranormal topics to be somewhat fascinating. I believe in "the other side" and true mediums. I love talking to people who have come back from a near death experience and hearing about what they saw and heard. It's interesting to me that many people who've had NDE's become tremendously psychic afterwards.

And also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Law of Attraction. Understanding and putting into practice the Law of Attraction (LOA) is a biggie for me the last few years. I'm still learning and growing, like everyone else. Sure, I have days where I am pitiful and bleh, who doesn't? But I mention LOA because if you ever heard Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks, describe death as the process of "croaking", as opening another door, and walking into a new room - I work from that understanding. That the soul is timeless, that we are all One, infinity.

Anyway, there you have it, the SpiritualNurse thumbnail. I welcome you to my blog, and invite you to share your experiences with me.



  1. Lovely first entry! Look forward to reading more!! xoxox


  2. Yay! Glad to have you in blogland hon :)

  3. Very well written, looking forward to reading more!