Saturday, August 22, 2009

Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

Ahh, a good example of Law of Attraction.

I just got a message on twitter from another seasoned fellow nurse, interested in so many of the same topics I am. That just excites me (!) because I only wrote the first blog post a few hours ago. Talk about Law of Attraction and magnetizing like minded souls together. *yay*

I see that alot of us (working in health care or just about any field) who are interested in metaphysics have difficulty sometimes 'coming out of the spiritual closet'. We're not necessarily ready to tell the world that we're talking to angels, or seeing auras, or sensing energy. I hear ya.. I know that feeling.

One night shift a few years back, a nurse was telling me about waking up sometimes and being "frozen" in her body, terrified that she couldn't move. I was thinking, maybe she woke up during a "night journey" or "astral dream" and I asked to hear more details. I must have looked thrilled or something. She looked at me with a horrified look that I would be asking more details about something that terrified her. Oops.. Sometimes I haven't always been so elegant in expressing my interests.

Have you ever had an astral dream or experience like that?

Do you have unusual spiritual experiences that you feel you can't share with coworkers?

Oh and by the way. I'm going to keep the comments open anonymously so if you want to share something that you don't want to sign your professional name to, you don't have to have your identity attached to it.

If you'd rather email me away from the blog, email me at, or I'm on Twitter @SpiritualNurse. I love hearing from other intuitive people!


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