Monday, September 6, 2010

Undercover Lightworker

I'm fairly certain that we discussed what reiki was, in this blog, in a past entry. Basically, it's a form of "energy healing".

When I attended reiki training at the behest of a fellow nurse, he was so excited that he'd have someone at work that understood what he was talking about.  When I finished the course work of Usui Reiki 2, which is when we received the knowledge and attunement to reiki symbols, he explained to me how he put reiki symbols of healing into the IV bags (energetically), into the blankets, into the bandages.   How when he closed up the recovery room at night, he'd "grid" the room with symbols, to help cleanse the energy and ask for it to be a place of calm and healing for the following day.

I'm sure I looked at him with big eyes and some measure of wonderment when he told me that, but nowadays that just sounds normal to me. Sometimes I even forget that alot of people don't believe in, or know about energy medicine.  They might think you sound a little cuckoo at best, or possibly an unsafe practictioner, at the worst.  That's why alot of nurses and health care workers who "are reiki" do it "undercover".  We're just trying to avoid problems.

It's changing, there's a few places here and there that welcome and practice forms of energy work into their enivrons.  A recovery room I worked in Honolulu had a practitioner doing "Healing Touch" on my patient who had just had a hysterectomy.  All I know is the woman only required 1 mg of morphine from me for the first 90 minutes after surgery, and then she  was transferred to her  room. (That's not alot of morphine, just fyi, especially after a hysterectomy)  Other hospitals teach and utilize reiki, healing touch, and other modalities, and I am glad to see this.  There just could be so much MORE.

Reiki attunements and training seem to open up our awareness to the bigger picture.  I've heard the same said for yoga, qi gong, and other practices that strengthen the personal energy and channel.  Your "clairs"  - Clairaudience (inner hearing), clairvoyance (inner seeing), and claircognizance (inner knowing),  all seem to become more stout when you practice  regularly.   You might wake up hearing song lyrics, or it might be as if you're overhearing a conversation in the next room  (and there's no one in the next room).  You might have more vivid dreams or start seeing auras around people, or having the experience of seeing sparkles, orbs, etc.  Alot of reiki and otherwise sensitive people often feel very empathic;  able to sense emotions and/or pain/discomfort in others.  I know several massage therapists that "get messages" for their clients while they are working on their muscles.  Meditation, also, regularly getting quiet and "going within", makes these qualities more .. readily available and useful to us, as well.  We're better at handling personal stress, making decisions, following our inner voice or inner urges, when that channel is clear.

It can also be a time of becoming aware of other things which some people call paranormal.  I don't think I have ever met a nurse that hasn't worked a night shift that saw the same call bells get rung in the wee hours, when there is no patient in that room.  It is SO common, most nurses would not find that odd at all.  Usually someone will quip "there goes Harold again" because room 4's light is going off, and Harold was in room 4 for two months before he died there, last year. 

One ICU I worked in, I had a patient who took a huge turn for the worse 3 days after a heart attack, when she was almost ready to transfer to the regular floor.  I prepared her for an emergency procedure, which she ultimately died during.  When the night shift nurse came in and I told her how shocked I was at her passing, when she had seemed so stable, the night nurse commented, "Oh I knew she wasn't going to make it.  I saw 'the little man' in her room."

Um... what?  I cornered her and said "What little man? What are you talking about?"  She said everytime a patient was going to pass soon, she'd see this 'image' of a small caucasion man, in a white track suit, sitting or hanging around in their room.  Obviously no one else could see him, but this nurse could.  She said she had seen the little man in the white track suit sitting at the bedside of the lady recovering from the heart attack.

I have this one place I worked overnights at a few years ago, and it was pretty quiet.  We'd usually end up sitting there surfing the computers as the wee hours drug on. So many nights I'd see to the left of where my focus was, a man in a dress shirt, tie and lab coat walk into the room, and I figured it was a pharmacist or resident making rounds.  As soon as I would avert my focus in that direction, however, there was no one there.  Never gave me the creeps, I just realized one night how often this was occuring.  But I didn't say anything to my coworker.   I work on a freelance and contract basis, and you never know how people are going to react to questions like that.

This last year though, has been off the hook with new developments. I think because I am really more disciplined with practicing meditation and also my self-healing (MAP) sessions.  About a year ago, a nurse was giving another freelance nurse and I, a hospital tour.  We passed by this "Success Board" which was showing before and after photos of bariatric patients (weight loss surgery).  I remember the old days when bariatric surgery just started, how many folks died from complications after these procedures. But this day, I was admiring all the photos and thinking, "Oh these people look healthy... I guess it's improved alot since..." and then I felt someone stroke my head, like they were comforting me. Thinking it was one of the other two nurses, I reached up and I realized there was no hand there. I whirled around and said "Did one of you just touch my head?" and they looked as surprised as me, and started laughing.  "Erm, nooooo..." 

So that was fun. I'm not trying to blurt out crazy things to new coworkers, you know what I mean?

Another day, another recovery room, the patient in the bed had just woken up from a femur repair.  She was pretty comfortable and drowsy, and I was at the mobile computer station at the end of the bed.  I was looking  the screen and I noticed this white ball of light, about three feet over her bed.  Again when I looked directly at the area, I could not see anything.  But when I put my focus again on the computer screen, there it was.  An unmistakable soft white orb hanging out there.  Maybe a protector, her guardian angel, a guide? I don't know.

That's a drawback, and a bonus, by the way, of knowing alot psychic and medium friends.  I can go to them and say something like "Oh my gosh, I saw an orb over a patient today!" and .. not only will they NOT call the psych unit on me, they'll also ask me something like "Well did you ask the orb what it was doing there?  Or who it was?"  Completely serious.

"Well... no. I didn't know I was supposed to interview it."

"Next time that happens, ask.  You might be surprised and get an answer".

Oh boy.   Guess I'll be staying undercover for a while.

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