Friday, September 3, 2010

An Update & A Throwdown

Look at that .. another 2 weeks has flown by since I posted my last blog entry.  Mmm hmm.  I feel a self challenge coming on.  The fact that I have at least 4 blog entries worth of stuff in my head should make it possible for me to write one new blog entry a day this holiday weekend.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.   Ok, Sandy, you're on.  They may be shorter entries, but that's okay because .. I usually blather on, anyway.

A few weeks ago I was all atwitter over Tony Robbins having a TV show called Breakthrough and insisting everyone watch it.   And then NBC canceled it after two episodes.  It was"only" getting 3 million viewers a night, which I guess by NBC standards, isn't cutting the financial mustard.  Apparently watching people imitate Mario climbing through an obstacle course, is of more value to the advertisers. 

At first, I wasn't very zen about this news.  I felt like alot of other people were also hungry for TV programs that featured positive role models.  I wanted to get all "activist" about it, trying to get people to email NBC and tell them they had cheese between their ears.  And then I got calmer about it, because... what happens with Tony is, he always makes the best out of a challenging situation.  In fact, he was already talking about possibly remarketing the other four episodes through Bravo or another cable outlet.   In one way or another, this "setback" will profit Tony wildly and he will come out smelling like a rose.

But I can still think NBC is Cheez Wiz city.  The NBC link I had posted a few blog entries back .. when I checked it tonight there were at least 10 pages of comments from other annoyed viewers.  I guess a few other people wanted some good TV.

Tony Robbins Breakthrough episodes are now all visible for free on Hulu here.  I still think Tony is the bomb-digget, for he has much wisdom and motivation to share.   I have a few more episodes to see on Hulu, also.

By the way, my dear fellow bloggers.  Anyone want to take the challenge with me?  Four blog entries in four days?  C'mon ... you've written me more emails than that.

If you don't want to post a public comment, you can always email me at

Namaste, Lovelies!  Have a great (USA)  3 day weekend!


  1. Gosh, not sure I can do it this weekend, but I appreciate the sentiment! Look forward to your posts!

  2. I shall take up your invitation indeed Madam! :)
    Have a fabulous weekend! xxx