Saturday, September 4, 2010

Throwing Some Love Around

I was a little surprised after the blog entry about the vipassana retreat (Detachment, Emotions) that a woman wrote to me with heartfelt thanks. She said that by reading my tweets, she found my blog, then read about the vipassana, and made a decision to attend one. She's in Guatamala and is committed to attend her vipassana in the spring.

Synchronicity doesn't often surprise me anymore, I was just a link in her synchronicity chain and she's made a decision to have an experience. What was exciting was that she emailed me to tell me about it! So often we're influenced by random "strangers", but how many of us express our gratitude? So thank YOU, dear darling fellow tweeter, because your email was a thrill to receive! (we've already corresponded)

Another person from Twitter direct messaged me one evening while I was home. She asked me to pray with her, saying she had an urgent financial need. I have no idea how many people she requested prayers from, but I said a quick prayer for her, and texted back, "It is done. There is more than enough for all our needs!" or something similar. (Clue: read prosperity authors like Catherine Ponder and Florence Scovel Schinn. They always decree "it is done, in the Divine Mind, it is already settled."  Declaring something is a Done Deal - is a biggie.)

The next day while running an errand in Miami, the same woman direct messaged me again. She told me - I'm paraphrasing - "Prayers were answered! I had 12 hours to receive & I got more than I needed in just 10!" I stopped what I was doing to respond "The Universe/God is Good!" or something quick, and her next text made me almost fall out of my chair. She said "I didn't tell you this last night but I needed $5600 in 12 hours and I got MORE than that! God heard our prayers!"

Quite honestly, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Are you familiar with the saying: "This ain't my first rodeo" ? If you're of a certain age and you've used the internet at all, you've probably met potential swindlers. I thought I might soon get an email about an illegal pyramid scheme, or a quickie signature loan offer, but I didn't. As far as I know, she ran off into the sunset praising God and using the money she needed.

Here's the deal: I love feedback. These occasions remind me that other people love feedback, too. People need to know that they made a difference for you, big or small. I have many mentors of my own that I am now making an effort to let them know their work, their art, their writing, their love & encouragement makes a difference to me.  Giving praise and appreciation is at least as fun as receiving it!

Just don't be direct messaging me after 1am EST, ...  it won't ring my cell that late anyway.  ;-) 

Namaste!  ♥  We are all One ... (until a certain hour)


  1. COWABUNGAAAAH!!!! hehe YOU make a difference in MY life amaaaazing soul sistah Angel DIVINE, Goddess from above, you shine onto my path and WOW is it BRIGHT!!! Suuuper grateful to be connected, feel like we always have been hehe ;) *Friends of the heart are friends for ever* and have been, for∞ever.. it's absolutely a heart thing, ONE∞LOVE!! Awesome post! Wishing you magical hours ahead! Sending loooove love LOVE to YOU!! Namaste! ♡

  2. Awww, Matt...!! Everytime I get one of your exuberant text messages on my phone, I swear it blows my hair back (in a good way)! You're the brightest light, rainbow-coloured, unicorn-having, fairy dust sprinkling, bliss wave-riding, indigo adult I think I have met to date. LOL!!

    I'm serious, if they could bottle whatever energy it is you carry, they could do away with defibrillators and just use Matt-Energy to restart hearts. Mucho vitality! I love you bunches!!!

    See you on Twitter! (and facebook and youtube and skype) =D