Saturday, October 23, 2010

Energy Healing - Potential Responses

I've experienced many types of energy healing - up close and at a distance.  Reiki, healing touch, unnamed processes, shamanic type work, having a John of God regular pray over me in Portuguese, etc.  I've done many MAP processes on myself, which I will blog about at a later date.  Recently, I've become aware of this Croatian "healer" named Braco, who simply sweeps his gaze over a crowd of people, and many seem to experience breakthroughs.

I'm aware that alot of people might consider this type of thing "snake oil" or some other type of fakery, but until you have experienced the effects of energy work, you may not know.  That's kind of how I figured it out.  I mean I always experienced reiki as soothing, warm, calm energy.  I did have the occasional bout of tears, and I was always taught this was a positive form of release. 

I had a friend who performed many energy healing sessions on me.  I laid on the massage table and he worked through my aura.  Also, he placed his hands on my head and body.  I liked to describe it as .. acupuncture, with energy rather than needles, because it always seemed to open up blocked energy at certain acupuncture points. 

Generally, I would go "somewhere else" during these sessions, .,.. sometimes I'd ask for symbols or messages when I was drifting out there.   One time I spontaneously got the image of this enormous file drawer full of unnecessary documents (memories, emotions) being opened and files were flying out of my chest/heart space... that was a unique experience. 

His hands would get extremely hot.  When I would lay on my stomach at the end of the session, the hand positions he held were so powerful on me, my lower back would tense and relax, tense and relax. When we finished, my hair was so sweaty, you'd think I had been in labor.  I'd be sort of wired after these sessions and also very tired.  It was sort of like feeling this vibrational "hum" where you feel revved up,.. and at the same time tired from the work.

The first few times, I had alot of emotional clearing, too.  I'd find myself very giddy, and then unexplainably sad and tearful and then have a bout of anger/pissiness.   At first, these emotional clearings seemed to take about a half day each.  After I worked with him over many months, the emotional phases   seemed to take a couple of hours each.   I'd go through all three moods in one day.  I became very patient with myself and knowing.. this too shall pass.  That it was healthy and okay to feel each stage and release it. (As much as I would have liked to stay giggly and blissed out, those stages came and went, also.)   There's a saying "You have to feel it, to heal it", and that  seemed valid to me.  He explained that the work he was doing sort of - dislodged old stuck energy from the body and it had to be released.  For me it always helped to drink alot of water, and just keep my schedule/personal plans light for the hours and maybe 1 day after the session. 

Other forms of physical releasing are also common after energy work.  My breath would be actually be pungent at the end of the session.  I seem to go the bathroom more frequently the day following energy work.  This was really profound after I listened to the John of God presentation, which surprised me, since she didn't touch me at all.  She prayed over me, she asked the John of God healers (in spirit) to work with me, she made hand gestures and snapped her fingers in my aura, but no touches.  I can only assume I had some "stagnant energy" around the large intestine meridian because - whoa nelly.  I think I lost 5 lbs the next morning.  :-) 

I share this with you to say - 1. energy work is real, if you have experienced what I am talking about -  then you already know and 2. that if you try a new therapy out, or attend something like a John of God or see a shaman or Braco gazing experience, don't be too hard on yourself for whatever comes up. If you need to cry, it's okay.  It's healthy.  If you go to the bathroom 4 times, don't assume you're "sick" or there's something wrong with you.  It's all part of releasing what we don't need anymore, and it's healthy and natural to do so.

By the way, Braco is doing sessions in Philadelphia this weekend and Miami next weekend.  I believe they are very affordable, $8 each.  You can read about it at and There are some interesting youtubes about him.

Next time:  I'll tell you about my self-healing MAP sessions. 

Namaste and have a beautiful weekend  :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it is fascinating how each release has different results.

    Energy can be unexpectedly powerful, but it's a wonderfully gentle way to clear issues. I love the giggles and bliss!

  2. Great post. Have an amazing week.