Wednesday, November 3, 2010

6 Ways to Increase Your Vibe, Right Now

We all occasionally get into a mental funk,  a less than stellar head-space.  A difficult commute, long days at work, someone "acting out", we've all got little things that can get under our skin and make us feel - well, less than zen.

There's several little things we can do for a "vibe reset", some big, some small.  I'm not guaranteeing you can do all these at your desk at work, but take a gander at these quick resets:

1. Breathe Deeply - Don't skip over this suggestion because it seems too simplistic.  If breathing weren't important, it would not be included in just about every meditative practice known: yoga, tai chi, qi gong, etc.  Breathing deeply can calm your stress centers, those parts of your body which are squirting cortisone and adrenaline into your blood stream.  Breathing deeply speeds more oxygen rich blood to the brain tissue and can revive you.  And my favorite reason: Breathing deeply and HOLDING your breath, helps the all-important lymph system circulate lymph fluid.  Lymph fluid is the all  important part  of our physiology which helps to destroy bacteria, viruses, and abnormal cells. I like to inhale deeply for a 4 count, hold for an 8 count, and I try to exhale to an 8 count.  Here's another description of this type of breathing on Tony Robbins blog:

2. Laugh - even if you're faking it.  My blogger friend Keith will have some suggestions on this.  There's Laughter Yoga, of which there are some videos on youtube, there's comedy everywhere on the internet GloZell at the Nail Salon, and there are memories that you hold of your older brother's last prat-fall that can trigger a good giggle.  And then the biological par-tay begins.... Serotonin! Feel good hormones!  Percolating through your system!  Go for it!  Rip a good hee haw or snort-laugh right now.   Give the guy in the next cubicle something to tweet about.
Some internet favorites:   Baby Ethan Falls Over Laughing
Grown Man Hilarious Laugh
GloZell Tries Laughter Therapy
Comedy: Gabriel Iglesias Makes a Cop Laugh

3. Play Music! I use this one ALL the time, depending upon what kind of mood I am wanting to evoke. More than any other type of music, I probably get all flow-icious from upbeat, happy music. Some of it is disco, some of it reggae, house, 80s, and even gospel.  I like to get a little revved up on the regular, so I made a couple of playlists on Youtube of just the right kind of tunes that work for me.  Build a list that works for you!  And that can lead to ...

3a.  Dancing!  I mean if it is possible where you are. (heck sometimes I even dance in my car seat)  Sometimes you will need some really downtempo and chilled out music to help you change your vibe, and then dancing may not be appropriate.  But if upbeat and energetic is what you want, 5 minutes of tushy-shaking can really up your vibe!  Besides, it seems to really entertain the non-physicals!  (ghosts, angels and spirit guides who are hanging about. *wink*)

4. Go Outdoors.  Even if it's cloudy, yes.  Natural sunlight does so much for our immune system, our moods, our brains.  Deep breathe fresh air, instead of inhaling that stale old indoor air all day.  At night, see if you can appreciate the size of the moon, can you see any stars?  When we reconnect with Mother Earth and Father Sky .. the rest of the little concerns suddenly seem much more.. surmountable.

5. Be Around Water.  Ideally, this would be a stream, lake, ocean, or even a fountain.  But, heck, even an indoor water fountain or burbling fish tank is better than none.  Grab a quick shower.  Splash water in your face. Or listen to this:  (7 min)

6. Meditate or Nap - Can you get away for a 10 minute powernap?  It is said that we get back to our most natural perfect "I am" state and energy when we sleep.  Or five minutes meditating, to silence or a guided meditation can make a huge difference in your hours that follow.

Share with me your favorite (healthy) ways of hitting the reset button!  Or post your favorite upbeat song and laughing links below. :-)

Thanks for reading! Namaste ~


  1. I am aligned 100% with this and am a proponent of all this same stuff!

    1. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Repeat liberally.

    2. Ha ha ha! Ho ho ho!

    3. Play music. Listen to music. Feel the beat. Dream into the musical dreaminess.

    4. The first time I entered the dance studio and was accepted as a dancer by a wonderful professor, I cried deep-seated tears. Ever since, dancing holds a dear place in my life.

    5. I've been visiting the Delaware River frequently during early Autumn this year and have started looking for my own "place on the water".

    6. Today, I meditate. Tomorrow, I may make the choice again to meditate ... or nap.


  2. *giggles and guffaws* Good for you Anita! I love your list! (no wonder we get along so well) I love that dancing spoke to you on such a deep level. ((sigh))

  3. You've managed to mention the ALL the methods I use to either relax or "raise my energy". Very nice post. Oh, and I happened to use that same image (of a person breathing) in a youtube video I made :o)

  4. Hi Latn, welcome! I appreciate your comments on twitter and now here too. I didnt see the image you mentioned in your video but I love the message: the only thing stopping me is me. And I really liked the video that honors your family :) Beautiful baby, awww - Sandy

  5. Oh thanks Sandy, I really appreciate that. I was feeling really emotional when I made it because I had just gotten some really sad news... Anyway, the little baby is my "Great God Son" (Great Nephew / God Son). He is wonderful :o)